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Welcome to the Studio Works, a dedicated page showcasing D-BELL's studio projects and special collaborations.

It provides a timeline detailing D-BELL's journey from the beginning to his most recent accomplishments in this field.

Captured on April 3, 2024, D-BELL recording at PhaseOne Studios in Toronto, Canada. Working with Dani Longaray, and Audio Engineer Sammy Sosa. This moment marks a significant step forward in D-BELL's musical journey.

Captured on March 3, 2024, D-BELL recording choir at Al Watan Music Recording Studio in

Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Featuring talented vocalists like Giulia Maria Miscioscia, Philippe Simon, Anno Visser,

Kristi Visser, Zhamilya Aidar, Motaz Naim, and Natalia Roig.

Captured on April 19, 2023, D-BELL recording at In The Mix Recording Studios in

Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Working with Anna Vi.

Captured on December 21, 2022, D-BELL recording at Green Squirrel Studios in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Working with Amelia Davidova. This marked one of his first recordings at the recording studio.

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